EMCITY - Early Medieval Cities Meetings are organized by IEM (Institute of Medieval Studies | NOVA FCSH) in partnership with several institutions and intended to be a meeting point for specialists with research on Early Medieval cities in the Iberian Peninsula. The EMCITY meetings aims to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue and a timely and productive dissemination of the ongoing research work carried out at national and international level.  

Portuguese Early Medieval Archaeology is at a turning point and these Meetings will be a place to consolidate our standing in the international dialogue and shape the future of early medieval cities archaeological research. This is the third topic on archaeological research of the Early Middle Ages promoted  by IEM, and like the others, dedicated to the rural world (EMCAM) and funerary contexts (EMBIO), these meetings are also intended to be held every three years. 

Each edition will be held in select small/medium cities where projects on Early Medieval archaeology is ongoing, seeking the decentralization of the scientific meetings and the engage with local communities and their history and heritage. 

EMCITY is open to all students and researchers interested in the early medieval cities and urban contexts. There will be a call for posters in each edition.